Hello, I’m just a normal subber. I can subs the videos (timing+encode+upload) except for translating.

My interest mostly on WGM (only my fav couples), SJ (SJSubs stuff), and MBK/CCM stan (T-ara + SPEED + Shannon + The SeeYa, F-ve Dolls).

Some videos, I’ve done it myself, while some of it, was from the other subbing team. I keep it here since mostly, some of them will be deleted / lost. If there is anything wrong with the link provided, please tell me so I can fix it.. Thank You~


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  1. ness acosta says:

    hello..can you please help us sub the videos for uee and jae jung. im making facebook account for the caramel couple b’coz there are so many people who are requesting for their videos. there’s a facebook account named we love w.g.m. and k pops where i joined. this account is currently subbing for wgm season 2 couple from jo kwon and gain onwards but then some people are looking for caramel couple vids so i decided to start from it. i found out about you from soompi. im also watching the kangji couple..thank you so much for your efforts. i know also the bckgrnd song in last episode of kanji..the other one is still with you by eric benet during the time when kangin was reading his letter if i’m not mistaken. please help us..ty in advance! tc!

    • akinaz89 says:

      well, i can help you subbed, but i can’t translate..:)
      other than translate and editing, i can help doing other subbing..:)
      just tell me, where can i start, and who will i work with..:) i’ll be able to help..

  2. elf_17 says:

    what is the background music @ we got married episode 40 part 3 kangin and yoon ji ? ..

    thanks a lot .. πŸ™‚

  3. shinmoreyell says:

    hello akina, i would like to thank you for summing up all the we got married vids of junjin and lee si young. its been a while since the last time i am addicted to WGM, its like since Andy and Solbi was in it. πŸ™‚

    again thanks for the vids, I have been downloading it (hardsubbed) and I am using a KM player to play the shows. but as I tried to play the avi.002 split part, its like “error”. do you know how to combine this 2 vids? or is there any other player i should use?

    please advice. thanks in advance. πŸ™‚ god bless.

    • akinaz89 says:

      Hello. Of cource you can’t play the ‘avi.002’ file only. you have to merge it with other parts.. 001, 002, 003, … once you download all part (ex: avi.001, avi.002 & avi.003).. click all 3 files, extract it. you can use winrar or 7-zip software to merge it. or you can use HJSplit. TungTungfansubs has their tutorial here http://tungtungsubs.wordpress.com/hjsplit-tutorial/

  4. V3 Eunchan says:

    Hi Akinaz!
    Thank you for subbing and provide us streaming and download links!
    I have watched real couple from episode 1 until 5!
    I llike this couple very much! n_n
    I’ve searched through google, youtube and dailymotion, but I couldn’t find the 6th until 13th episodes. Do you have the links?
    I’m okay with no sub videos because I understand korean a little. So, if you have any link I can use for watching those episodes, please contact me at pitchan_pitchi@yahoo.com or reply to this message. Please…

  5. R89 says:

    What is the background music at We Got Married ep 42 when Junjin met Siyoung at church ?!

  6. sharen says:

    hi,, i wanna ask, do you any plan to sub MBC documentary super show 5 in South America?

    • akinaz89 says:

      I’m sorry..I’m not a translator, only a subber. I leave my subbing team long time ago, so I don’t think I will subbing anything from now.. I will only re-up the stuff that i’ve done before. Plus, I think someone else already subbed that show. You may just ask them to re-upload if the videos is no longer available..πŸ™‚
      Found the link for you.. (youtube)watch?v=o4HzqAQkqqE

  7. Heidee says:

    Hi I also wanted to ask, do u have the episode of introducing a star’s friend with kangin and yesung? If u do could u please upload it too.

  8. baby_catlovers says:

    Hi, do you have episode for Radio Star Chuseok Special with SJ that being subbed by SJSubs? If you have it, please upload it if you have time.
    Thank you very much.

  9. ella says:

    hi! please tell me who is in the picture number 5? beside the couple of Poseidon drama

  10. sab says:

    when i try to download some suju videos from mediafire that you posted here, the captcha wont show. what should i do?

    • akinaz89 says:

      I’m not sure regarding the captcha.. maybe you should try refresh it or using another browser..or mybe reinstall your browser?

  11. serialmania says:

    Hello may I request you to english sub WGM KwonOh (David Oh and Kwon Ri-Sae) couple episode. I have the raw episode of them. Just need only 7 episode to be subs. I don’t know where else to ask. Please help and don’t ignore me. Thanks…

    • akinaz89 says:

      Oh. I’m sorry.. you ask me to sub and translate it? I can’t translate them. Mostly the videos that I have are from the other subbing team.

  12. amihuhu says:

    Thank you wgm Jaerim&soeun episode. I wonder, If you can do for music & lyric junho & so eun. Thanks

    • akinaz89 says:

      Ur wlcme.. I think Wild2day subbing team already done subbing that show for Junho.. I’ll try to re-up if I found it somewhere..

  13. Jae0099 says:

    hai, just want to ask you, about your video WGM Solim couple do your merge it yourself? cuz mbc is splitting the vids…. I dont quite like the episode being split cuz all Jongah couple video mostly split video… is there way to merge the vids or what should I do so I can watch it as full video….
    ps: I’m Solim and JjongAh shipper kekekeke

  14. Anneeleen says:

    Hiiii i love your site! I hooe you can upload the Lee Jong Hyun (cnblue) cuts. Fightiiing~

  15. Chien-Yu says:

    Can you provide videos for CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun & Gong Seung Yeon? (a new couple!)

    • akinaz89 says:

      I think I will stick with SoRim only.. I believe they are many Boice and ELF will do cuts for Jonghyun & Henry~ πŸ™‚

      • Chien-Yu says:

        Oh ok. What’s Boice and ELF? And do you know where I can find those sites/videos? πŸ˜€ Thanks!

      • akinaz89 says:

        Boice – CN Blue Fandom name. ELF – Super Junior Fandom name. Jonghyun in CN Blue, while Henry in Super Junior. Usually, their fans will do subs or cuts only for their idol… For the cuts site.. i’m not sure yet.. i’ll try looking for it later..

  16. Chien-Yu says:

    Ahh. I see. Okay! I will really appreciate that! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  17. Hello ,!.. is it okay if you can also post the WGM henry and yewon episodes here??.. thanks for the reply.. πŸ™‚

  18. Hello Akina, I’m very thankful your job that Solim couple. I’m very enjoyed that couple. And can you share only eng soft sub for Solim couple’s episodes? pls. And very thank you.

    • akinaz89 says:

      Hi~ i’m sorry. No softsub provided. All the sub done by kshownow team~ and so far.. they only provide the hardsub version. I only done the cuts version from that. If you want the softsub, i think soompi version have it. But not only SoLim, all WGM part is there.

  19. julia says:

    hi . how can i donwload this videos .??

  20. Ann says:

    I am so thankful for your site. I was able to see some “we got married” episodes with spot on english subtitles. I’m loving and enjoying it. πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing them.

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