건담 커플 (Gundam couple) – Si Young’s favourite toy and television series that she enthusiastically collects and talks about, much to Jun Jin’s disinterest.


Date On Air : Lunar Special 30-01-2009

Episode On Air: Ep42, 45-55

Name: 전진 / Jun Jin (Jeon Jin)  

Real name: 박충재 / Park Choong Jae

Profession: Actor, singer and model

Birthdate: 1980-Aug-19

Birthplace South Korea

Height: 182cm

Weight: 63kg

Star sign: Leo


Name: Lee Si Young / Yi Shi Yeong / 이시영 / 李詩英

Birthdate: 1982-04-17

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 169cm

Weight: 48kg

Blood type: B

Dramas: Boys Over Flowers, Loving You A Thousand Times, Mischievous Kiss, Poseidon, Wild Romance, etc…

List of Episode…

Junjin & Lee SiYoung – Gundam Couple Ep 42-55

Ep 42 (First Meeting) (Lunar Special-Introducing New Couple)

Ep 43 – None

Ep 44 – None

Ep 45 (Wedding Gift)

Ep 46 (Not Airing)

Ep 47 (Honeymoon+Couples Rally Game 1)

Ep 48 (Couples Rally Game 2)

Ep 49 (Learning Pool)

Ep 50 (Making Pajamas)

Ep 51 (Fine Day)

Ep 52 (Peace Date)

Ep 53 (Hubby Studio)

Ep 54 (Meet Infinity Challenge Family)

Ep 55 (Farewell)Finale Episode

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