2153Shin Couple – Kim Shin Young, Shin Sung Rok


Name: 김신영 / Kim Shin Young

Profession: Gagwoman, MC

Birthdate: 1984-Jan-30

Height: 152cm

Weight: 78kg

Star sign: Aquarius

Blood type: B


Name: 신성록 / Shin Sung Rok (Sin Seong Rok)

Profession: Actor and singer

Birthdate: 1982-Nov-23

Height: 185cm

Weight: 78kg

Star sign: Sagittarius

Blood type: A

Dramas: Thank You, One Mom and Three Dads, etc…

This couple aired only for Ep 42, 45-54.

List Of Episode

Ep 42 – First Meeting

EP 45-46 (Nowhere to be found)

Ep 47 (Couples Rally Game 1)

Ep 48 (Couples Rally Game 2)

Ep 49 – (Driving Lesson)

EP 50- (Driving Lesson 2)

EP 51 (Radio Station + Making Pots)

Ep 52 (Sauna + Taeyeon Hyungdon House Visit)

Ep 53 – 54 ( Nowhere to be found)

6 responses »

  1. lykunly says:

    omo what to do, I have searched it everywhere and actually found it here accidentally kkk. thank you for sharing ! ^^

    • StarrySky says:

      I’m glad people still love this couple even in 2015! I’m very thankful for them sharing this too!

      • Madeleine says:

        Thank you very much for uploading the Shin Sung Rok-Kim Shin Young cuts here! ^_^ It’s a pity that I’ve only discovered them in 2014 after watching SSR in Liar Game and falling in love with him there. Too bad it’s already hard to find English subs for episodes 45, 47 (housewarming party) 53 and 54 of their cuts! Huhu

  2. Charm Abrea says:

    There’s no episode 51 too?

  3. Forever Mysteriouslaydeh says:

    Finally found it! I hope you’ll not delete this I’ve been searching this couple all over the internet and tadah! here it is finally! I’m going to watch this 😉

  4. sparkler says:

    Hi Akinaz,
    I really enjoy that videos, they were so funny and tks to you.
    But I can’t open eps 47 & 48 .
    Its says ;The page you’re looking for is either restricted or doesn’t exist.
    Please, something that I can do to watch that video?

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