It’s their Finale Episode already~ Goodbye SoRim Couple~ T_T

Ep 38~ (warning : prepared a tissue)


JaeRim SoEun EP38 (END).mp4_thumbs_[2015.06.15_01.28.21]

Couple Cuts Only

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39 responses »

  1. lonewolfgang says:

    already final…why?

  2. Zaya says:

    :”( i can’t stop crying :”(

  3. It’s strange that although solim couple have a lot of followers , it ended so soon !! ?.. kinda playing with feelings .
    hope they get married 4 real ..

  4. Sarah says:

    Fml . Solim is leaving wgm with hewon couple too .. Just fml

  5. Muthia says:

    so sad 😦 i follow this couple every episode 😦 this site help me for update sorim couple, thank you so much 😀
    can you post henrt-yewon and jonghyun-seungyeon too? I hope you can make it happen, thank you 🙂

  6. lonewolfgang says:

    any of you know why they end up their virtual marry? it is because of nitizen(hater) grow more when the scandal about soeun is up? or it is just because they got works i.e: dramas like goguma couple long times ago?

    • Hyejin says:

      The last article that i saw was because of so eun having a new project entitled the Scholar who walks at night, the article have stated that so eun needs to focus in this project.

    • vhinehudas says:

      All couples have their endings.They don’t end because of a mere project. T.T Recent WGM couples seldom lasts more than 40 episodes. I miss the times when WGM couples even exceed 50 episodes. Just like Khuntoria couple. 😦

  7. there is anything wrong with the link download provided, please fix it.. geomapta
    akina 🙂

  8. Thank you for the upload. ❤ I will cherish this couple forever.

  9. SCARLET says:

    Thank you Akinaz!

  10. yessi chen says:

    thanks,admin. 😀

  11. Shaz says:

    Tq admin!

  12. Lee Yana says:

    I cannot remember on which episode, Jaerim asked Soeun about Soeun leaving to China for 1-2 months. For work. Maybe because of this, they need to end their marriage

  13. Lesliee says:

    I cried a lot :c My heart hurts so muuuuuuccccch </3
    Thank you admin for uploading every episode. c: ;;

  14. NFH says:

    Can you put couple cut for btob couple? Tengkiuuu

    • akinaz89 says:

      No more couple after Sorim in this site. Try this

      • Yolanda Ramos says:

        You made me smile because in my case I said, no more couple to ship after SOLIM lol. Thank you for this wonderful site. You just don’t know how you helped me a lot by watching your uploads every time I miss them,but you made my SOLI-less dyas more bearable because of your awesome site. Kudos!:DD

  15. nicky says:

    im a korean drama addict…i love this couple and i will treasure them till the end…for me they are the most beautiful korean couple that ive seen…i will miss you jaerim and soeunah.

  16. Night says:

    im gonna miss them… im gonna miss waiting for new episodes, then completely ignoring the other 2 couples just to watch them

  17. Thankz akinaz,, gonna miss the couple n u too

  18. Leigh says:

    no episode 37?

  19. Dea says:

    is there other link to save the Song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun Ep 38 [Finale Episode] (Eng Sub)?

  20. Fernie says:

    i can’t stop crying thank you so much for the subtitle .

  21. Amy Acosta says:

    Thank you so much!

    Crying till the episode ends. Ill miss them.


    Thank you so much for the subs❤

  23. Kiddie Moon says:

    Thank you for the videos 😀 ❤

  24. Amy says:

    Most enjoyable couple to watch! Will remember them always.

  25. the sad thing is they did not follow together in real life

  26. SADEGH says:

    I Like Kim So Eun.

  27. idk says:

    They had a really good ending! They got to meet up again with the filmer’s and have a get together, it felt like closure to me.

  28. Mary Joy says:

    Tbh this is the only couple that I liked and watched in wgm. Hope they end up together in real life❤️ 사랑해

  29. Park Young says:

    What is the title of that Korean song ?

  30. Azziris says:

    Thank you min about link. I really love this sweet and natural

  31. jung choe says:

    yeah,now they play in a drama as a couple and they will marry in drama as well so their concept will be we are remarried.I know it’s not a real marriage but I wish a third marriage for them,but marry in real life.and on their wedding car,they write “we got married FOR REAL” I hope it becomes real one day.

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