#Real Couple# no more…


Sad news for Real Couple. No more *Real Couple*. Recently, news of Hwang JungEum and Kim YongJoon ended their 9-year old relationship surface. Both started dating in 2006, appeared in WGM in 2009, now broken up in 2015.

After news outlet Yonhap News revealed that the actress and singer have broken up, ending their nine-year relationship, reps from both sides have confirmed the news.

Yonhap News reported that an acquaintance of the two celebrities stated, “The two have been dating for nearly ten years and during that time, they have broken up and made up numerous times over little things, but this time, both of their minds are set. ” The acquaintance added that after Hwang Jung Eum wrapped up filming for “Kill Me, Heal Me,” she talked with Kim Yong Jun and they decided to go their separate ways.

In an interview in October 2014, Hwang Jung Eum had stated, “I can’t live without Yong Joon but often we tell each other, ‘You’re not my marriage counterpart.’ Yet we also say, ‘When are we getting married?’ We say that to each other and think that if we do decide to marry ,then we do it, and if we end up breaking up, we break up. I sometimes don’t like his behavior but I still like him.


*Source news + translation : Soompi


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