Ep 27. Bed wrestling! Again~



Couple Cuts Only

Download Cuts :SB | MF | MF(backup) | Mega

Full Show  : Myksn | GirlsdayFanSubs

*Video credits Kshownow/myksn, girlsdayfansubs
*MF link fixed


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someone who like to surfing the net..learning something new...and SIMPLE~

11 responses »

  1. kristina shields says:

    i dont think ive ever liked all three couples as much as these current ones. cant wait for future episodes.

  2. Zuzzie Sulit says:

    Hello, Is episode 28 going to be their last? The preview shows they have two big boxes and I believe I heard “make your last memories”. Kindly enlighten me. Thank you so kindly

  3. jay says:

    can you give me another link to download?because i dont know why i cant download it 😦

  4. yessi ling says:

    min,why ep 26 and 27 very short? 😦

  5. nfh says:

    Please make couple cut for henry couple and lee jong hyun

    • akinaz89 says:

      I can only concentrate for one couple at one time.. This site have the cuts for other couple. here wgmislove.wordpress.com

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