Ep 25! Ride to Jeju Island~



Couple Cuts Only

Donwload Cuts : Mediafire | Uptobox | Mega

Full Show (Eng Sub) :Kshowonline | GirlsdayFanSubs | Dramacool

*I used Kshowonline ver. The subs seem overlapped and moving with caption, but the quality of video almost the same as myksn ver.

*Videos credits Kshowonline, Girlsdayfansubs, Dramacool


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someone who like to surfing the net..learning something new...and SIMPLE~

10 responses »

  1. lonewolf says:

    the guy in new wgm couple look like in the cn blue band.

  2. huda says:

    engsub ?

  3. chiyako92 says:

    I’m anticipating the subs for this episode a lot. How can I be such a hardcore fangirl?

  4. marshmelliey says:

    hey can you please post the download link for their couple cut? since i couldnt watch it from my fone.
    anyway dramacool already post their eng sub version.
    thankyou ^^

  5. wawa says:

    myksn subs please…

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