EP 22 released! The truth of the rumor explained. Some serious talk.


Couple cuts Only

Download Link : Mediafire  | Uptobox

Tutorial to extract : 7zip | HjSplit

Full Show : GirlsDayFanSub | MyKsn

*Video credits girlsdayfansub & myksn


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23 responses »

  1. Genggezzz says:

    engsub please … gomawo^^

  2. chiyako92 says:

    Is it right that they only have the last 12 minutes of the episode?

    • akinaz89 says:

      Yes.probably they want to clear up the rumor first.so, they release the explanation scene first rather than supposed to air scene.

      • chiyako92 says:

        This is indeed a very important episode. I hope everything gets fixed so that Sorim can go on smoothly with their WGM schedules. And I also hope Soeun to rehabilitate herself in the eyes of viewers and netizens. She has far too many haters recently.

      • Solim @ Bbyu Lover says:

        Can I know what’s going on. What Article? Can I Find It At Internet? Please answer. Thanks

  3. rosii says:

    i can’t download it.. Permission Denied.

  4. Darialexa says:

    I can’t download it. Repair, please.

  5. Yessi Ling says:

    i can’t download it too. repair,please. thanks.

  6. loneowlf says:

    this remind me of what the fortune teller that state about soeun when they go honeymoon at turkey. one side she will get the happiness and the other side she will got badluck. hope that the happiness side is on the jaerim side and she pick that side

  7. sintia says:

    i really love this couple so much, maybe all of wgm couple that i’ve watch i hope they have real life date but we always know that can’t posibly happen..

  8. Shh says:

    I don’t belive this even a bit . She definatly has a bf 😀

  9. aliffa says:

    Can’t download it, permission denied

  10. solim fans says:

    Admin, may I know what is the rumors about ?

  11. tanyta says:

    ep 22 not download with mediafire T-T

  12. Lee Yana says:

    is it only 10 minutes video? the start of the video seems so sudden

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