Ep 21 is here~ Lovey Dovey Campus Couple! SO cuteeee!!



Couple Cuts Only

Download Cuts : Mediafire

or UB1 | UB2

*MF Link – Download both. Extract zip part 1, combine 001+002.

*UB Link – Download both part, then combine 001+002.

Tutorial to extract : 7zip | HjSplit

Full Show : Watch Here

*The file is bigger than usual with Avi. format.

*Video credits : myksn

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46 responses »

  1. chiyako92 says:

    It seems like Myksn has fixed the problem. I mean, Dailymotion files says “episode 258”: is it the right one?

  2. lonewolf says:

    i cant download part 1. why?

  3. i cant access the part 1; ‘permission denied’

  4. rosii says:

    there’s problem in part 1 link, it’s error 😦

  5. Farah says:

    What do u mean u will re-up part 1? That part 1 u mean is for couple cut or full ep?

    • akinaz89 says:

      the files is more than 300mb. I have to split the files into 2 parts. Somehow, part 1 uploaded can’t be use. So, i’ve re-uploaded into new link. but in zip files. Download part 1 (zip files), then combine it with part 2, you will get couple cuts in 1 video.

      • tyffah says:

        may I know how do you combine two videos together? Bcuz if I play them separately, only part can be played.Part 2 can’t tho.

      • akinaz89 says:

        Use 7zip for easy extract. Dload and install 7zip. Click on both files >7zip>extract here

  6. Yessi Ling says:

    thanks for your info. ^.^

  7. Asa Sinchan says:

    Please do Jonghyun and Yura Couple too πŸ™‚

  8. wiwin says:

    I cant download part 2

  9. taeyang says:

    i can download the part 2 but when i to extract the video, the part 2 was not included.

  10. taeyang says:

    *try to extract

  11. kikineney says:

    i have downloaded the part 1 but when i want to extract, there’s trouble. can you giive me some tutorial. i use winRar

    • akinaz89 says:

      I’ve put the link in description for tutorial part. Also, you have to download both part. Then extract it together. I’ve update the link, so you have to download both part. Then combine it together.

  12. Jay says:

    i have some trouble when i extract part 2,i have try extract with winrar and 7zip but they said that the archive was corrupt.When i try using Hjsplit the file cant found.please help me

  13. Jay says:

    but it seems i have some problem again, and my problem was same with previous comments. part 1 and part 2 has been extracted and now i have file with name is JaeRim SoEun EP21.avi.001 and Jaerim SoEun EP21.avi.002. I try to delete ‘001’ and ‘002’ so i now have file with avi format. But after that just part 1 can be played, and i read your comment above and you said to combine part 1 and part 2. Can you tell me how to combining part 1 and part 2?

  14. Jay says:

    oh thank you so much. Now i can watch ep 21 full part πŸ™‚

  15. Tita says:

    aku tetap gak bisa nonton wgm jae rim ep 21 dan 26 😦 brp kali aku download sudah berhasil trs mau putar gk bisa tulisannya error.. please replay…

  16. Tita says:

    Bisa kah ep 21 dan 26 cara download nya disamakan dengan ep 1 dan yang lainnya.. aku bisa saja download ep 21 dan 26 tp mau putarnya tidak bisa.. tidak macam ep yg lainnya..

  17. sulli says:

    21 mediafire file is not good

    • akinaz89 says:

      Can’t download or can’t extract/combine? Use the alternate link if u can’t dload

      • sulli says:

        can’t extract/combine why? the other link ub1 and ub2 not download

      • akinaz89 says:

        Extract 001.zip files first. Then joined 001+002 to get video files. Uptobox.. register/login first..then you are able to download.

      • sulli says:

        i try to dowloand for ub1 and ub2 but same problem…not extract/combine….what is this file? is not avi?

      • akinaz89 says:

        001 + 002 need to combine to get the avi. Read the tutorial how to combine those.

      • sulli says:

        ok now is good XD thank you and sorry

  18. Leigh says:

    why i can’t play the part 2?



  20. Anonymous says:

    Came to comments to see people’s thought about the show, but saw problems about the video instead. 😦 cries.

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