Ep 18. Riding hot air balloon in Cappadoccia~


Couple Cuts Only

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*Video credits : myksn & dramacool


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  1. Byul says:

    I just love this couple soo much!…I hope they kiss soon though. It would be perfect if they just dated in real life

  2. fsmith says:

    Definitely JR loves SE. As you can see ,when the the air balloon suddenly trembled, JR immediately wrapped around SE to protect her. And his concern of how Se is, he asked if she is OK.Then he even kissed her head to calm her down. His instant reactions showed that there is love. This shot is not part of the script. He’s really a gentleman. I’m sure Se has the same feeling, she’s just too shy to show. Sometimes she’s the one looking for his hand to hold. But I don’t think they’ll date right after WGM. Both of them will be very busy due to have lots of offers, So they need to grab the oppurtunity to earn money first. So I think if they really deeply in love w/ each other. they might wait and date in the future

  3. lek079 says:

    Can someone tell me the background score used from 00:57??

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