Ep 17 Released. Still in Honeymoon~



Couple Cuts Only

Cuts Download

Full Show : Watch Here or Here

*Video credits: myksn & dramacool


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someone who like to surfing the net..learning something new...and SIMPLE~

11 responses »

  1. jo says:

    why there is no english sub?

    • chiyako92 says:

      I guess it’s coming soon, myksn has already updated its website with the subs of the full show. We only have to wait patiently for the cuts. I’m looking forward to it, this couple is so cute!

  2. Genggezzz says:

    I ‘ll keep waiting from akinaz89 , please, I really miss this couple . hueee

  3. is there the cuts download thing?

  4. potatomomo says:

    why did he cover his tattoo in the pool?

  5. eida says:

    ,im sory,but i would like to.say something..thanks for all the couple.cuts,i am always watching from ur page.. as far as i know , soompi tv translate all including the caption ..unfortunately, i cant watch it in my country..if u can watch it.from.soompi tv,i hope u can upload that version.. thanks

  6. Warrior99 says:

    why is the video not working???

  7. Vind says:

    Thanks for using your time to do this. Its really high in quality. I really starting to enjoy this show. Thanks, noona.

  8. Dragon says:

    Can you please upload JjongAh couple.. I really want to watch it.. but girlsdayfansub (i don’t remember the exact name..) i can’t open that website.. plzzz.. I’m begging!!

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