141108 SNL Season 5 Episode 32 - Song Jae Rim, Jay Park, Narsha, Shin Don Yup (RAW)

At the same day as this week WGM, Song Jae Rim also appear as Host in SNL Korea (Saturday Night Live Korea)!!

Since it’s 19+ Rated Show.. I’m not going to post this, but Song Jae Rim appearance in the intro is so COOL!! Can’t miss this!

**Must Watch!!** (no sub)

Full Show (19+ Rated..LOL) *RAW

*article from Soompi

During one of the segments of the comedy show, Song Jae Rim expressed his honest thoughts about filming “We Got Married.” When MC Shin Dong Yup asked the actor about his relationship with Kim So Eun, he responded, “[The show] is business. It’s a virtual project. Don’t you know the main PD well?”

Song Jae Rim’s answer caused Shin Dong Yup to try to hold back his laughter, as he is married to the main PD of “We Got Married.” The MC continued to asked the actor, “Do you try to satisfy your desires through the program?” Song Jae Rim replied, “I have never had feelings for Kim So Eun.” However, this statement was shown to be a lie, as he felt an electric shock by the detector. In the end, Song Jae Rim confessed jokingly, “Maybe briefly when I shower [I have feelings for her],” causing laughter.


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  1. omomochi says:

    ahaha that was funny and he’s so cool playing the saxophone. i want to watch the full show of snl of him now

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