Ep 8 released~ JaeRim catching SoEun through fishing~



Couple cuts ver. only

Cuts Download

Full Show : Watch HERE or HERE

*Video Credits : myksn & dramacool


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someone who like to surfing the net..learning something new...and SIMPLE~

9 responses »

  1. iqah says:

    please don’t use dailymotion..its block at my place…

  2. mimi19 says:

    when is the Eng sub coming???

  3. goyangi_999 says:

    Please continue on updating the couple’s cuts~ I’ve just become an avid follower lol. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for your ulpoad here! i appreciate it very much!

  5. alia says:

    Do you know bgm preview ep 8 ? Please give name of the song

  6. alia says:

    What bgm that used in preview ep 8

  7. aliaellysa says:

    What is bgm that used in opening preview in this episode ?

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