Episode 7 released~ Their shooting scene is like I’m watching an action k-drama XD



Couple Cuts ver. only

Cuts Download

Full Show

Watch : Here or Here

 *Credits myksn & dramacool


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  1. luxubu says:

    Thank you for subbing every episode. Really appreciate your effort for Jaeun fans

  2. Gingerella says:

    Jaeun couple is so addicting. I’ve watched this episode three times already. Thank you so much for the eng subbed upload!

  3. Rizki Fatmala says:

    please cut the video from dramacool.com instead of from myksn.com
    in dramacool, they translated completely ex: captions, what the pannel said and also give the explanation above, if there’s korean phrase, which we dont know.
    in myksn.com there are some moments with empty translations.
    but we must be patient for waiting eng sub from dramacool
    that’s my opinion.
    i hope you realize it

  4. I wanted to know if there is more ep (of WGM with Song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun’s couple) coming … I mean is there ep 8 9 and s on ??

  5. Thank You …thanks for your effort as well 🙂

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