Ep 5 of this couple released!!!



Couple Cuts ver. only

Cuts Download

Full Show

Watch : Here or Here

*Credits myksn & dramacool


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12 responses »

  1. Rizki Fatmala says:

    eng sub has released in drama cool. please just cut soeun n jaerim’s part 🙂

  2. Patiently waits for the KSN cut for Ep 5. I’m getting hooked with this couple. ❤ ^__^
    Thanks for your uploads. They are well-appreciated. ^__^

  3. Thanks for the couple’s cuts! 🙂

  4. akinazzzzz thank you so much~~~~~~~~~~~~~ for cutting only this couple cuts~!! really love them …so cheesy xD

  5. […] Song jae rim & kim so eun ep 5 ( eng sub ) | akinaz89's blog […]

  6. lee sarang says:

    thank you for the cut:)

  7. surya says:

    why can’t i watch the other episode after watcing just 3 episode ?

    • akinaz89 says:

      Which episode you can’t watch while everyone else can? Try watching it through different browser. Mozilla Firefox, Chrome.

  8. Zia says:

    They’re so sweeeeeeeeeet ❤

  9. janne says:

    I cant watch it. Keep on loading and loading even if i have strong signal

  10. Joyce says:

    does anybody know what song they played in the end? when they were taking selfies?

  11. eliz says:

    por favor díganme que hay en español… no puedo entenderlo todo

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