Ep 4 released!! And this couple getting closer and closer!! Perfect match!



Couple Cuts ver. only.

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*Credits myksn


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  1. Gingerella says:

    a pairing made in heaven. they are so comfortable now with each other. jae rim really likes her and she’s getting to like him too! delulu fangurl here! thanks. waiting patiently for eng subs.

  2. Niquitta says:

    I can’t tell Jaerim’s bloodtype. LOL. I’m watching this couple was because I love Soeun, but now I LOVE both of them! Jaerim really likes Soeun, although at first he was so blind about her. Thankfully, now Soeun can handle her husband ^^ Really can’t wait for the next episode!!

  3. sandra s says:

    jae rim really likes so eun . so eun is getting used to jae rim and will start to like him soon. i loved jjae rim in surplus prinnncess first time i saw him . in the drama surplus p i was hoping he would win the mermaid . so disappiinted that he didnt so i stopped watching the show aat episode 7

  4. fenky says:

    cuts download is mean not full isnt it ? is this edited ?? why some part are missing?

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