This couple initiate skinship so fast in Ep 3!!



Couple Cuts. ver. only

Cuts Download

Full Show

Watch : Here

*Credits myksn

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13 responses »

  1. teru says:

    i wanted to watch it quickly.. subs release on Tuesday.. cant wait!

  2. Gingerella says:

    they can totally be a real couple. really adorkable. thanks. i love them.

  3. Des says:

    What is the name of the song at the end? I’ve been looking for it forever.

  4. Op says:

    Thank you for your hardowork! Watching WGM properly for the first only for this couple and you are a gem ❀

  5. ryu says:

    i want ep 13…please…😣😣😣

  6. ryu says:

    hope to see the another ep soon..😣😣😣

  7. ahnjaehyeon says:

    Could you reupload the couple cuts only for all ep?
    because “the server refused the connection” was written I use chrome:(

  8. Angakman says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for uploading it to Mediafire, I’ve been downloading FULL ver and I hate waiting . Seems I’ve found good website πŸ™‚

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