OMG!!! This news really make my day!! I Love her!! As we know, she already show her housewife skill as in previous WGM with SJ Kangin. It’s great to see her finally is getting married!!

article credits to soompi:

Actress Lee Yoon Ji is set to tie the knot!

On July 23, agency Namoo Actors announced through a press release that actress Lee Yoon Ji is getting married on September 27 at the 63 building in Seoul.

The agency said, “Lee Yoon Ji and the groom were friends of 10 years, and it’s been about three to four months since they’ve become more than that. The husband-to-be is a 33-year-old dentist, with a thoughtful and reliable personality. They’ve known each other for a long time, and their decision to marry came very easily.”

In consideration for the families of the bride and groom, the wedding will be a private affair.

Namoo Actors said, “We ask for your blessing and congratulations for this new chapter in Lee Yoon Ji’s life. She will be back for future acting projects.” “.


article credits: Alkpop

Her agency Namoo Actors rep announced through her fan cafe on July 23, “This is Lee Yoon Ji’s handwritten letter sent to her fans.”

Lee Yoon Ji wrote, “To my precious, reliable fans who I am thankful for to the point of tears… To the fans who I’ve been with for ten years and the fans who I’ve recently met and formed a close friendship with, you are all my friends who held my hand and who I walked through life with. Although congratulatory messages from others would be nice, I want to see your happy expressions the most… I am excited and nervous… I decided to start anew with a person on September 27. Before I am an actress, I am a woman who has been dreaming about this my entire life… After this season passes, I will write another letter in my favorite season, fall. Please congratulate us.”

what will Kangin say about his ‘ex-genius wife’ are getting married? I’m curious~

Congratulations Lee Yoonji~


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