My ‘oppa’ finally got married.. though it’s a fake one..happy for him~ 🙂

WGM Global Season 2 show this couple communicate with both have a different language! But I love how Heechul communicate with her..remember me the old memories of HanChul~

Kim Heechul  (Super Junior-Korea)

space big star kim heechul

Name:희철 / Hee Chul (Hui Cheol)

Real name:김희철 / Kim Hee Chul (Kim Hui Cheol)

Nickname: Cinderella, Heerobbong

Chinese name:金希澈 / Jin Xi Che

Profession: Actor, singer, host and model

Birthdate: 1983-Jul-10

Height: 179cm

Weight: 60kg

Star sign: Cancer

Blood type: AB

Puff Guo (Dream Girls-Taiwan)


Name:郭雪芙 / Guo Xue Fu

English name: Puff Guo

Profession: Actress and singer

Birthdate: 1988-Jun-30 (age 25)

Birthplace: Taiwan

Height: 166cm

Weight: 46kg

Star sign: Cancer

Blood type: O

*this show available online in premiumwgm@youtube or GlobalWeGotMarried@youtube. However, you can only watch part 1 as I am..sad.. You have to be a premium member or something so that you can watch all full episode. (google it if you not understand of this premium youtube channel part)

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