On 25th March 2014, Coremidas (Core Contents Media official youtube) released SPEED new variety show. It will be release every Tuesday Wednesday.

Below are the videos of each episodes and with a link for their subbed videos (by other subber).

Part 1 (Raw) 25/3/14

Part 1 (Eng Sub) cr: speed-boys.tumblr

Part 2 (Raw) 1/4/14

Part2 (Eng Sub) cr: speed-boys.tumblr

Part 3 (Raw) 8/4/14

Part 3 (Eng Sub) cr: speed-boys.tumblr

Part 4-1 (Raw) 16/4/14

Part 4-2 (Raw) 16/4/14

Part 4-1 (Eng Sub) cr: speed-boys.tumblr

Part 4-2 (Eng Sub) cr: speed-boys.tumblr

Part 5 (Raw) 20/5/2014

Part 5 (Eng Sub) cr: speed-boys.tumblr

Part 6 (Raw) 28/5/2014

Part 6 (Eng Sub-coming soon)

Part 7 (Raw) 5/6/2014

Part 7 (Eng Sub-coming soon)

*Translator is in Semi-Hiatus. Part 6 & 7 are not yet translated.

*for unknown reason, DEEPSPEED delayed and not uploaded after Part 7..

*ENG SUB given FULL Credits to the owner: speed-boys.tumblr.com + sp2edbr.

*speed-boys.tumblr.com only work on translating. The subber are sp2edbr team.



About akinaz89

someone who like to surfing the net..learning something new...and SIMPLE~

8 responses »

  1. farahkim says:

    Hi..im new to speed and wanna know them better…can u upload deepspeed eng sub at youtube?i’m sure international fans will appreciate that…jaebal

    • akinaz89 says:

      I’m sorry..I can’t do that since I’m not the original subber and uploader. You may go to speed-boys.tumblr directly and ask about this.

  2. farahkim says:

    oh…it’s ok i’ll ask them then…:)

  3. nm says:

    did anyone had subbed part 4 already? sorry for asking

  4. army says:

    Why it takes too long to sub..are you too busy??..

    • akinaz89 says:

      It’s not me who subs the video.. speed-boys@tumblr is the only person who sub this. You may go to her/his tumblr site and ask question..

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