I will upload this couple from Ep 1-5 only. The site that I work with before stop only till ep5, so there is no more subs after that  episode. Enjoy the first episode here. the yt and re-encoded version is more comfortable version. the original one is the different version.

Watch Here

Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part5

Download Here (MF)

(320p split(original)) HERE

(480p full HQ(re-edited subs+encode) HERE)

[password: wgmakinaz89]

All credits to KWORLDSUBS


About akinaz89

someone who like to surfing the net..learning something new...and SIMPLE~

17 responses »

  1. please!! says:

    please give me link to download REAL COUPLE!!!

  2. please!! says:

    omo..sorry, the sound already fixed. everything gonna be okay now..heheh*peace*
    I hope u can upload this couple until end..gomawo chingu!

  3. jason says:

    Thank you so much for working on posting this couple Akinaz. It is ridiculously hard to find anyone with this couple subbed. I been trying to find it for so long =( Much appreciated! Cant wait for the updates!

  4. Kate says:

    Thanks for the post =)

  5. fel says:

    Hi, thanks so much for your videos. By the way, do you hv ep 6 -13?

  6. Kokokosubs says:

    Hi I was just wondering can you post some kinda tutorial for how to hardsub videos? Because I would like to know how to subbers sub the videos and how they have these good subs quality like iSubs. Do you have to purchase a program? Because I would like to do it the free way without any fees and full access to the program or enough access to make good sub quality like you. Because I would like to sub cut videos from korean shows. But I have no idea how to make hardsubs. I don’t want to do softsubs. Could you teach me? It would be appreciated.

  7. blue string says:

    so there’s no hope for us to watch more episodes of them ? T_T thank you so much for your hard work

  8. Trafalgar D, Nabil says:

    why this video diffrent from the original one ? its diffrent from youtube mbc ?

    • akinaz89 says:

      MBC @ Youtube usually only post some cuts. not a full version.

    • akinaz89 says:

      but if you mean that what is the different between the 320p & 480p link above is, the 320p link use a simple subtitle, while 480p is the bigger & high quality subtitle.

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