Shinhwa‘s Junjin recently revealed that he is definitely not a fan of actor Song Joong Ki, raising curiosity among viewers and fans.

The legendary idol group guested on the April 30th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Hello‘ to listen to the concerns and worries of the public.

One of the viewers who applied for the show was Kim Jae Shik, a man who detested Shinhwa because his girlfriend is an avid fan of Minwoo. Upon hearing his concern, Junjin nodded in sympathy stating, “I totally understand.”

He continued, “I used to date a female celebrity, but she suddenly became a fan of another male celebrity.” Junjin was unable to hide his frustration as he remarked, “I’m a celebrity too!

When asked who the male celebrity was, he answered that it was none other than “pretty boy” Song Joong Ki. “I’ve never met Song Joong Ki, but I personally don’t like him very much,” causing the set to break out into laughs.

Credit sources: Allkpop

Is it Lee Si Young he talk about? well, Lee Si Young used to work with Song Joong Ki in ‘5 Senses of Eros’ movie, and also, mention Joong Ki name in her script drama Wild Romance Ep 8. which she tell her story of her ex-bf that is ‘White face, glasses, smart looking like Song Joong Ki’. Is it? haish, I’m so Gundam Couple Fan!! could be her? 🙂


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  1. faridah ahmad says:

    I hope is her….Lee si young:D anyone notice junjin has a ring at his index finger….

  2. Gundam says:

    Yes she is. :)))))

  3. lee says:

    love the gundam couple so sad i watched all episodes already

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