I’m sorry. I can’t find the HQ version with eng subs!!

If you don’t care to watch it with LQ  here it is.

Enjoy the couples!! 🙂

Watch Here YT


video credits to roshinhwa6

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

*Since it’s not HQ, no download link provided.


About akinaz89

someone who like to surfing the net..learning something new...and SIMPLE~

7 responses »

  1. choisara says:

    where is the eng sub? pls tell me, sincerely want it TT.TT

  2. ahnj! says:

    ..sad.. i only understand some of what they are saying.. hope someone can sub this..thanks anyways akinaz89!!

  3. Gundam says:

    If only i could understand chinese/korean 😐

  4. Annie says:

    roshinhwa6 posted the rest on her youtube channel ^^
    Here is the first part of ep 53:

  5. lili says:

    i wanna download link…please..

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