Just found it!! thank you to ‘eunbi’ who tell me the title of the song..even i don’t know the translation of it..

Remember the song that most of you always asking? the song that played when Yoonji read the letter to her nampyeon Kangin in last ep??

here is the full song…  ‘Vitamin (Jung Young Ju) – Bruised Tears

비타민 – 멍든눈물

Download MP3


Live Performance


*updated May 2012

Through Music & Lyrics Jay & Lee Si Young, now I know that this song lyrics was made by Lee Si Young. Gundam Couple, wife of Junjin. This song was aired in KangJi last part which the same ep Gundam couple is airing too.

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  1. lovelation says:

    can you help me please,,, ireally love so bad kangji couple and i search the song in episode 1 of kangji couple which is the same song in opening of episode 2,,, cant you help me find who sing that song??? i really thankfull if you reply my coment thanks alot!!

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